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The cosmic ray intensity variation and attendant neutron measurements

Current data
The minutely pulse counting rate measurements from neutron counters of the Tien Shan 18NM64 supermonitor.

Cosmic Rays
Intensity measurements of the high energy cosmic ray hadronic component (>109 eV) with a 1-min time resolution by the neutron monitor installations placed at the Tien-Shan Mountain Station (3340 m above the sea level), at the Intermediate Station (1750 m a.s.l.), in Kazakh National University (850 m a.s.l), and by the Underground neutron monitor of the Tien-Shan station (3340 m a.s.l. + 2000 g/cm2 of the rock soil).

Low-energy neutrons
Monitoring data of the intensity of low-energy (10-2 - 106 eV) neutron environmental background at the Tien Shan mountain station.

Atmospheric data
Measurements of the barometric pressure and air temperature in the vicinity of neutron detectors.

Tien-Shan Weather Station

Weather Data
On-line measurements of the atmospheric pressure, temperature, relative humidity, etc at the Tien-Shan mountain station.

Mean values
Averaged data on the pressure, temperature, etc for the moments of 3,9,15,21 hours of LOCAL time.

Continuous 1-sec resolution measurements of the high-frequency atmospheric pressure oscillations (subsonics) made with a high-sensitive digital barograph at the Tien-Shan mountain station.

Acoustic sensor
Acoustic noise measurements with a sesitive microphone installed in a bore hole 50 m underneath the surface.

Extensive Air Showers: the "CENTER" installation

EAS characteristics
The basic shower characteristics: the axis position&direction, the total number of charged particles (shower size), and the "age" parameter of EAS registered by the "CENTER" shower subsystem which have been obtained through approximation of the measured particle density distributions by a set of Nishimura-Kamata-Greisen functions.

Spectra & intensities
The records of the counting rate and background pulse amplitude spectra of the scintillation shower system detectors.

Statistics of the shower trigger events.

Test records of the EAS radio signal.

The "THUNDERSTORM" Experiment: charged particles & gamma rays

Gamma-radiation at the level of Tien-Shan mountain station (3340m a.s.l.; NaI scintillation detectors):

2014-2018 ;  2013 ;  2012 ;  2011

Gamma ray detectors of the "TOURIST" system (3740 m a.s.l.):

2015-2018 (time series) ; 

2011 ;  2010

Gamma ray detectors of the "PUP" system (3500 m a.s.l.):

2013 ;  2012 ;  2011

Charged particles and MeV gamma-radiation (large size polystyrene scintillators):

2013 ;  2012 ;  2011

Charged particles and MeV gamma-radiation (ionization counters):

2013 ;  2012

Measurements in Almaty city:

NaI scintillation  gamma-ray detectors of the Kazakh National University.

The "THUNDERSTORM" Experiment: low-energy neutrons

Neutron detectors at the level of Tien Shan mountain station

2013-2017 ;  2012 ;  2011

Neutrons at the height of 3500 m:

2013 ;  2012 ;  2011

The "THUNDERSTORM" Experiment

Electric field

The 1-10 s averaged measurements of the strength of local electric field at the level of Tien-Shan station:

2016-2018 ;  2013-2015 ;  2012 ;  2011 ;  2010

Optic sensor

Intensity measurements of atmospheric luminescence in the near infrared and ultraviolet diapasons during the dark time of the days:   2016-2018

High resolution time series of the night time luminescence intensity measured with periodicity of about 190/100/20/10 us, and synchronized with the lightning trigger events.

The "THUNDERSTORM" Experiment

Measurements of signal intensity with enhanced temporal resolution

Time series of signal distribution in the vicinity of an atmospheric electric discharge in thundercloud (lightning) written with temporal resolution of 20/160/200 microsecond:

2016-2018(optic)  2016-2018(gamma)  2016-2017(neutrons) ; 2013-2014 ; 2012 (pdf) ; 2011 (pdf) ; 2010 

Underground muons & seismology

Acoustics & muons(2012)
Experimental records of signal intensity from the high-sensitive microphone detector in a +-1 min time neighbourhood of a 5 GeV muon detector trigger.

Muon telescope
Intensity of muon coincidences in the underground room of Tien Shan station
Absorber: 2000g/cm2 (soil) + 550g/cm2 (Fe).

Corrected data.


Muon trigger
The marks of the muon trigger events in the underground room.

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