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Intensity measurements of the global cosmic ray flux and of local radiation background

Cosmic rays

Current data
One minute resolution time series of the pulse counting rate of separate neutron counters in Tien Shan 18NM64 neutron supermonitor which have been registered during the last few days.

Cosmic Ray Intensity Variations
Precision data on intensity of the high energy cosmic ray hadronic component (>109 eV) obtained in continuous long-term measurements at the neutron monitor sites of Tien Shan Mountain Station (3340 m above sea level), Intermediate Cosmic Ray Station (1750 m a.s.l.), Kazakh National University (850 m a.s.l), and by Underground neutron monitor of Tien Shan station (3340 m a.s.l. + 2000 g/cm2 depth of rock soil).

Low-energy neutrons

Monitoring data on the intensity of low-energy neutron background at Tien Shan Mountain Station in the energy range of 10-2 - 106 eV.
2019-2021 ;  2018-2019 ;  2006-2017.

The list of the low energy neutron background measurements made at Tien Shan station in various time epochs.

Neutron intensity measurements at the 3500 m a.s.l. elevated detector point:

2013 ;  2012 ;  2011.


Intensity measurements of the 30 - 3000 keV gamma-radiation background made at the Tien Shan Mountain Station.
2019-2021 ;  2018-2019 ;  2014-2017-2018.

Atmospheric Data

The measurements of barometric pressure and air temperature in the vicinity of the neutron detector disposition points.

Tien Shan Weather Station

Weather Data
On-line measurements of the atmospheric pressure, temperature, relative humidity and other environmental parameters at the level of Tien Shan mountain station.

Mean values
Averaged data on the pressure, temperature, etc calculated for the moments of 3,9,15,21 hours of LOCAL time.

Extensive Air Showers

EAS characteristics
Basic characteristics of the detected extensive air showers (EAS): the axis position&direction, the total number of charged particles (shower size), and the "age" parameter which have been obtained through approximation of the detected spatial distributions of shower particles density by a set of Nishimura-Kamata-Greisen functions.

Spectra & Intensities
Time histories of the counting rate intensity and the amplitude spectra of background scintillations written for all particle detectors of Tien Shan shower system.

EAS Triggers
Statistics data on the EAS trigger events.

The "THUNDERSTORM" Experiment

Electric field

The local electric field strength records written at the level of Tien Shan mountain station with the time resolution of 1-10 s:

2018-2019 ;  2016-2017 ;  2013-2015 ;  2012 ;  2011 ;  2010

Optic sensor

Intensity measurements of atmospheric luminescence in the near infrared and ultraviolet diapasons during the dark time of the days:   2016-2018

Time series of the night time luminescence intensity measured with periodicity of about 190/100/20/10 us, and synchronized with the lightning trigger events.

High-resolution measurements

Time series of signal intensity in temporal vicinity of atmospheric electric discharges written in thunderclouds with temporal resolution of 20/160/200 microsecond:

2016-2018(optic)  2016-2018(gamma)  2016-2017(neutrons) ; 2013-2014 ; 2012 (pdf) ; 2011 (pdf) ; 2010

The "THUNDERSTORM" Experiment: Electrons & Gammas

TGE events

The catalog of the thunderstorm ground enhancement (TGE) type events observed in thunderclouds in the years of 2015-2018 at the distant high altitude detector point.

Gamma-detectors of the distant high altitude detector point ("TOURIST" system, 3800 m a.s.l.): 2015-2018, and corresponding high-resolution time series) ;  2011 ;  2010

Gamma-detectors at the Tien Shan station level: 2014-2017 ;  2013 ;  2012 ;  2011

Gamma-detectors of the system "PUP"(3500 m a.s.l.): 2013 ;  2012 ;  2011

Electron component accordingly to the large-sized plastic scintillators data: